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Story Time

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Sense of Smell
Submitted by: Cheryl, Tomball
• Pre-school
What’s That Awful Smell by:Heather Tekavec
While investigating an odor in their barn, a group of animals discovers a piglet and engages engages in a variety of antics to get rid of the awful smell.
Mucky Moose by:Jonathan Allen
Mucky the muckiest, smelliest moose in the forest proves that smelling bad has its advantages when trying to outwit a fierce wolf.
My Nose by:Lloyd G. Douglas
A simple introduction to the anatomy and functions of the nose, discussing nostrils, smelling and sneezing.
Smelly Bill by:Daniel Postgate
Bill the dog loved smelly things like muddy ponds and rubbish bins. Disgusting stuff he'd stick his snout in, sniff and snort and roll about in. Will the arrival of cleaning fanatic Aunt Bleach put an end to his smelly ways or will Bill live to stink another day?
Nosy Rosie by:Holly Keller
Rosie the fox's excellent sense of smell is good for finding things. but she stops using it after everyone starts calling her "Nosy Rosie."
Match the nose to the animal. Using simple face pictures of various animals, the children were given a sheet with six animal faces and had to paste on the correct nose for each.
Activity: “Smellavision” – Fill 6 emtpy film canisters with apple, onion, lemon juice, candy, peppermint oil, and vanilla one to a container. Each item was either covered loosely with cotton ball or the cotton ball was used by placing a liquid on it. Keep the lid on until ready to have the children smell each item so the odor does not escape. Play “What’s That Smell? After each book, one canister was waved underneath each nose and then on the count of three everyone yelled what the smell was.