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Story Time

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GREEN: CelebrateSaint Patrick's Day
Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school
Puff, the Magic Dragon by:Peter Yarrow
The adventures of a boy and his dragon friend are recounted in this classic song from the 1960s.
The wide-mouthed frog by:Keith Faulkner
A wide-mouthed frog is interested in what other animals eat--until he meets a creature that eats only wide-mouthed frogs!
A frog in the bog by:Karma Wilson
A frog in the bog grows larger and larger as he eats more and more bugs, until he attracts the attention of an alligator who puts an end to his eating.
Snip snap!: what's that? by:Mara Bergman
Three siblings are frightened by the wide mouth, long teeth, and strong jaws of the alligator who has crept up the stairs--until they decide they have had enough.
Egad alligator! by:Harriet Ziefert
An innocent young alligator tries to make friends with various animals, but they all run away, shouting, "Egad alligator!"
Emma's turtle by:Eve Bunting
When Emma's box turtle digs his way out of his pen, he imagines that he is having adventures in Africa, India, and other faraway lands that Emma has described to him
Felicity Floo visits the zoo by:E.S. Redmond
Why are the hyenas crying boo-hoo? And what gave the rhino a sickly green hue? It starts when Felicity Floo wipes her red, runny nose and transfers the goo ... a cautionary tale about the virtues of clean hands and tissues.
Go away, big green monster! by:Ed Emberley
Kids can make the moster go away.
Rainbow Streamer http://www.mppl.org/kids/crafts/rainbowstreamer.html
When Saint Patrick's Day roles around, I normally choose books with a green theme for storytime.