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Story Time

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Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies!
Submitted by: Victor Schill, Fairbanks
• Pre-school
Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by:Candace Fleming
Mr. McGreely decides that this spring he finally will plant a vegetable garden and does so, unaware that three bunnies are watching and waiting. Once the vegetables are growing the bunnies sneak into the garden and "muncha" on them. Mr. McGreely tries various ways to keep out the bunnies but never is successful. At the end, he shares his vegetables with the bunnies.
Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Hide! by:Candace Fleming
Another delightful story featuring Mr. McGreely and the three bunnies. This time winter is coming and Mr. McGreely prepares his house and himself for the cold weather. When the three bunnies knock on the door, wanting to come in and stay, he refuses. The bunnies find various ways to get into the house overnight, leaving clues that they have been there for Mr. McGreely to find. He finally succeeds in keeping them out but locks himself in so that he can't get out when spring comes and he wants to get out and enjoy the weather and his garden.
Max's Bunny Business by:Rosemary Wells
Max's sister, Ruby and her best friend, Lousie decide to sell lemonade in order to make money to buy two Fire Angel flashing rings. When they don't let Max help out, he gets all the candy in his closet and sells it to Grandma. Max and Grandma go to Pinkie's Novelty Store to spend the money. Ruby and Louise finally sell all the lemonade and make enough money to go to the novelty store and buy the rings, but they are too late. Someone already bought the last ring in the store--Max!
Bunny Cakes by:Rosemary Wells
It is Grandma's birthday and both Max and Ruby make cakes for Grandma. Max makes an earthworm birthday cake with caterpillar icing, but Ruby wants to make an angel surprise cake with raspberry-fluff icing. Max wants to help but keeps making messes until Ruby bans him from the kitchen. Max also wants to get some Red-Hot Marshmallow Squirters but has a tough time to get the grocer to understand what he wants. In the end, Grandma gets both cakes and can't decide which one to eat first!