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Story Time

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Submitted by: Libby Nelson, West University
• Pre-school
Fix-it Duck by:Alborough, Jez
When Duck tries to fix things, they get worse.
Little Bunny's cool tool set by:Boelts, Maribeth
Little Bunny doesn't want to share his new tool set.
Tool book by:Gibbons, Gail
Shows different tools used in building and how they are used
Peace at last by:Murphy, Jill
Mr. Bear spends the night searching for peace and quiet to sleep.
Cookie rescue by:Ring, Susan
Handy Manny helps a neighbor fix her oven problem.
Old MacDonald had a woodshop by:Shulman, Lisa
A female Old MacDonald builds a farm in a workshop.
B is for bulldozer by:sobel, June
Builders construct a roller coaster using tools and materials that begin with each letter of the alphabet.
Turtle and Snake fix it by:Spohn, Kate
Turtle tries his new tools at Snake's house, but makes even more work for himself.
I love tools by:Sturges, Philemon
A boy and girl use lots of tools to make a bird house.
Tools in the shop
[tune of Wheels on the bus:]
The hammer in the shop goes "bang-bang-bang.
Bang-bang-bang; bang-bang-bang.
The hammer in the shop goes "bang-bang-bang."
All day long.
* The drill in the shop goes "brrr-brrr-brrr"
* The saw in the shop goes "buzz-buzz-buzz."
* The sock-et wrench goes "click-click-click."
* The router in the shop goes "whir-whir-whir."
* The measuring tape goes "snap-snap-snap."
Ellison has 5 tool dies you can cut out and have children glue tools on to a photocopied tool belt that can be found in online color pages.