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Story Time

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The Ocean/ El Océano
Submitted by: Sylvia C McMillan, Tomball
• Bi-lingual
Matías su dragón de arena y el mar by:De Su Swallow
The sand dragon that Matt makes at the beach has many adventures after he goes home and when he and his mother return the next day, the dragon is still there.
Estela: la estrella de mar by:Marie Louise Gay
Sam is full of questions during his first trip to the seashore and his older sister has an answer for each one, except whether his brother is ever going to make it into the water.
Donde canta el mar by:Silvia Dubovoy
This is a beautiful story about a boy who could not sing. He finds his best friend inside the ocean and through a beautiful sweet story he learns to produce the most beautiful sounds.
Lindo pescadito
Lindo pescadito no puedes salir, porque si te sales te puedes morir.
Mi mamá me dijo no puedes salir porque si te sales te puedes morir.
Star fish with coffee filters.
Cut the coffee filters with star fish shape
Under the filter place an old piece of papers, use DO-A-DOT-ART. The children will create their own very special star fish.
Power Point presentation: with all the different star fishes that we could find. They learned that there can be black, white, yellow, green, red, blue, orange and even purple star fishes.