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Painting is Fun!
Submitted by: Terry Domino, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school • Schoolage
Little Blue and Little Yellow by:Lionni, Leo
A little blue paint spot and a little yellow paint spot are friends. They lose each other one day, and when they find each other they give hug in joy. Little Blue and Little Yellow hug so hard that they turn green. A great book about friendship, family and color mixing.
Art by:McDonnell, Patrick
A boy named Art loves Art. Through scribbles, squiggles, splatters, colors, shapes and his own imagination he creates his own art exhibit: Momís refrigerator.
Warthogs Paint: A Messy Color Book by:Edwards, Pamela Duncan
On a dreary weather day, five warthogs are looking for something to do and decide to paint their kitchen with warthog are art.

Through a number of paint mishaps they discover how to color mix. This is a good introduction to mixing primary and secondary colors.
I Ainít Gonna Paint No More! by:Beaumont, Karen
Using the tune of the old favorite folk song ďIt Ainít Gonna Rain No MoreĒ follows a creative child who elevates body painting to a funny form of self-expression. A good way to instill the notion that art is in the eye of the beholder, and never overlook a medium to express your art!
Mouse Paint by:Walsh, Ellen Stoll
While mice explore paint pots of primary colors, they also learn about color mixing. This is a good introductory book for younger kids.
Color Dance by:Jonas, Ann
Three children introduce color mixing as they dance with different color scarves. Minimal text is used in this book, children learn concepts through visualization. The standard primary colors of blue, red and yellow are not used; instead various values and hues of these colors are used.
White Rabbitís Color Book by:Baker, Alan
A white rabbit hops from paint pot to paint pot learning about colors and color mixing as he goes. Cute book about primary colors and mixing suitable for younger children.
Colors, Shapes and Sizes
A bagged music CD set with songs about primary colors and mixing colors as well as other art related subjects like shapes and opposites. Vocals by Wendy Wisman and Bernie Cossentino.
The best activity for older children is to provide them individual small containers of the primary colors of red, yellow and blue and watercolor paper. Let them learn how to mix the colors to make the secondary colors of purple (red & blue), orange (yellow & red) and green (yellow & blue). Then introduce small amounts of white and black paints so they can learn shading and tinting. Then give them the freedom to create their own painting based on what they have learned about color.
Mixing Colors Craft from Creative Kids at Home
Use food coloring to teach color mixing

Tasty Color Mixing from KinderArt
Use white frosting and food colors to learn about colors

Color Activities from First-School.ws to go with the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh

FamilyEducation.com offers several different painting and printmaking crafts

TLC offers some creative crafts using paint with other ingredients and tools to make unique works of art.
Don't forget to put some newspapers or old plastic tablecloths on the child's work surface. Painting is a fun and creative, but messy.