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Story Time

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Submitted by: Susan, Atascocita
• Toddler • Pre-school
Kitty’s Cuddles by:Jane Cabrera
Kitty tries out hugs from all different animals but finds he likes the hug from his baby brother the best.
Won’t You Be My Hugaroo? by:Joanne Ryder
Rhyming text describes many different kinds of hugs.
Big Bear Hug by:Nicholas Oldland
A bear who loves to hug everything meets a human who is about to chop down a tree, and the bear must make a decision on how to save his forest.
Hugless Douglas by:David Melling
Douglas the bear wakes up one morning wanting a hug. He unsuccessfully tries hugging a rock, a tall tree, and an odd-feeling bush that runs away. Won't anyone give him a hug?
The Cuddle Book by:Guido van Genechten
Describes a variety of animal cuddles, from bear hugs to porcupine hugs, but the best is Mommy's cuddle.
The Bear Hug by:Laura J. Bryant
Cubby loves spending time with Grandpa Bear, especially when Grandpa gives him the Bear Hug.
Daddy Hug by:Tim Warnes
Animal fathers give hugs that come in all shapes and sizes, and each one is filled with love.
No Hugs Till Saturday by:Julie Downing
When Felix declares that there will be no hugs, snuggles, or super squeezes for a whole week, both he and his mama have a hard time.
The Giant Hug by:Sandra Horning
When Owen sends a real hug to his grandmother for her birthday he inadvertently brings cheer to the postal workers as they pass the hug along.