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Story Time

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Colorful Elephants
Submitted by: Victor Schill, Fairbanks
• Pre-school
I Dream of an Elephant by:Ami Rubinger
Rhyming text and soft, pastel-like illustrations of elephants introduce the reader to the world of colors.
Elmer and the Hippos by:David McKee
Elmer the patchwork elephant helps to save the day when the hippos move into the elephant's river because their river has dried up. Elmer discovers that the hippos' river can be fixed and gets the hippos and elephants to work together to bring the water back.
Babar's Book of Color by:Laurent de Brunhoff
When Pom, Flora, Alexander, and Arthur visit Babar's studio, they learn about mixing and using colors.
Print out pictures of elephants and have the children color them with their favorite colors.