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Story Time

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Happy Birthday
Submitted by: Lynn Flanigan, Tomball
• Pre-school
Happy Birthday,Thomas! by:W. Awdry
Thomas the train engine thinks the other engines are too busy to celebrate his birthday. However, he gets a big surprise.
Birthday at the Panda Palace by:Stephanie Calmenson
Mouse celebrates her birthday at the Panda Palace restaurant. The celebration includes gifts from each of her animal friends and a special surprise. The colorful artwork and rhyming text will keep any child interested in this wonderful story.
Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex by:Lisa McClatchy
Erin writes a letter inviting a real dinosaur to her sixth birthday party.It is fun to read what she promises the dinosaur, if he will come. Children will love the story's ending as well as the beautiful illustrations.
Otis & Sydney and the Best Birthday Ever by:Laura Joffe Numeroff
Otis plans a surprise birthday party for his best friend, Sydney. Although things do not go as Otis has planned,it is great to read how Otis makes Sydney's birthday the best ever. The wonderful illustrations complement the story line
Three Kind Mice by:Vivian Sathre
It is lots of fun to read about three mice making a birthday cake for a special friend. Children will enjoy the story's ending and illustrations.
Bunny Party by:Rosemary Wells
Max and Ruby give Grandma a birthday party. They disagree over which toys should be party guests. It is fun to read how this dispute gets resolved.
Birthday Party!: Singalong
Birthday Party!:Singalong is a great Music for Little People cd. Some of the songs that can be used for storytime activities include: Come to My Party; Hokey Pokey; If It's Your Birthday and You Know It; Let's Make a Cake; and Happy Birthday.
Birthday hats and other craft activities can be found in this book: The Best Birthday Parties Ever! The author is Kathy Ross.
A great storytime activity for the children is to decorate and ice cupcakes. Decoration materials can be sprinkles, m and m's, gummy bears, jelly beans, red hots and/or licorice.