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Story Time

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ASL - Zoo
Submitted by: Melanie Metzger, Cy-Fair
• Bi-lingual
Zoo Looking by:Mem Fox
While Flora visits the zoo with her father, not only does she look at the animals but some of them turn to look at her.
Starry Safari by:Linda Ashman
Bedtime becomes a jungle safari until the Big Safari Ranger brings it to a halt.
Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? by:Bill Martin Jr.
Zoo animals from polar bear to walrus make their distinctive sounds for each other, while children imitate the sounds for the zookeeper.

The Zoo
At the zoo we saw a bear
He had long, dark fuzzy hair
(pretend to walk like a bear )
We saw a lion in a cage.
He was in an awful rage.
(roar like a lion)
We saw the big, long-necked giraffe,
And the silly monkeys made us laugh
(laugh and act like a monkey)
But my favorite animal at the zoo
Is the elephant--how about you?
(from http://www.preschoolrainbow.org/animal-rhymes.htm)

Old MacDonald Had A Zoo
(Start song and then after the first EIEIO pull a stuffed animal out of a bag and have the children identify it with the correct sign)

Old Mac Donald Had A Zoo
And In That Zoo He Had An Elephant
With a (Trumpet) here and a (Trumpet) there
Here a (Trumpet), There a (Trumpet)
Everywhere a (Trumpet)
Old MacDonald Had a Zoo
The Monkey Dance
Hot Potatoes!: the Best of the Wiggles
To start off, we learn the signs for Please, Thank You, You're Welcome and Applause. (Signs for Every Time)

Then we go over the new signs for the theme:
Penguin, Zebra, Hippo, Snake, Elephant, Giraffe, Monkey/Gorilla, Tiger, Bear, Lion.
We do the Storytime and then review the new signs again at the end before the last song.
I always try to scan the signs used for each Storytime and add them to the PowerPoint presentation so that not only are they seeing me perform the signs, but they see it graphically as well.