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Story Time

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Strike Up the Band
Submitted by: Victor Schill, Fairbanks
• Pre-school
Catfish Kate and the Sweet Swamp Band by:Weeks, Sarah
When Catfish Kate and her friends have a jam session in the swamp, they disturb Skink and his Skunktail Boys who are trying to read. Skink demands that Kate and friends be quiet, but Kate finds a compromise to suit both the girls and the boys.
Soon Baboon Soon by:Horowitz, Dave
Baboon plays the triangle in the primate percussion band and has lots of trouble waiting patiently for his turn to play his instrument.
Froggy Plays in the Band by:London, Jonathan
Froggy is a member of a marching band that is practicing for their debut in the Apple Blossom Parade. Although they diligently practice in hopes of winning the big prize for best band, things don't go as planned, they win a special award anyway.
The Seals on the Bus by:Hort, Lenny
If you expect a quiet bus ride on the bus in this story, then don't get on. Different animals--seals, tigers, geese, rabbits, monkeys and more--board the bus and add their own special sounds to a wonderfully muscially trip.
The Wheels on the Bus
The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the goes round and round, all around the town.
Add the following lyrics:
The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish...
The change on the bus goes clink, clink, clink...
The driver on the bus says move on back, move on back, move on back...
The babies on the bus go coo, coo, coo...
The grownups on the bus say "I love you," "I love you," "I love you"...
The kids on the bus go yakkity-yak-yak, yakkity-yak-yak, yakkity-yak-yak...
The people on the bus go up and down, up and down, up and down...
The wheels on the bus go round and round...