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Story Time

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Submitted by: Donatta Clarke, Katy
• Toddler • Pre-school
Hilda Must be Dancing by:Karma Wilson
None of the jungle animlas can find Hilda Hippo a quieter, less disruptive replacement for her favorite hobby, dancing, until Water Buffalo suggests an activity that allows Hilda to her dance creatvity in a new way.
Dancing Feet by:Lindsey Craig
Easy to read, rhyming text depicts different animals dancing.
Dancing Matilda by:Sarah Hager
Matilda, a kangaroo,dances through every part of her day.
Dance with Me by:Charles Smith
Illustrations and simple rhyming text encourage the reader to wiggle, shake, and twirl to the beat.
Elephants Cannot Dance! by:Mo Willems
Gerald, the elephant, is sure he cannot dance, but his friend Piggy convinces him to try.
Hokey Pokey
Chicken Dance
Bunny Hop
Silly Dance Contest