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Story Time

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Celebrating Ezra Jack Keats
Submitted by: Victor Schill, Fairbanks
• Pre-school
The Snowy Day by:Ezra Jack Keats
In this book which has its's 50th anniversary of publication, a young child wakes up to find a snowy white world outside and eagerly puts on his snowsuit and goes out to explore. During the day he builds snowmen, pretends to climb high snow-covered mountains, and makes snow angels. He even makes a snowball to keep in his pocket when he goes back into his house at the end of the day, but later discovers it has melted away. That night he dreams of snow and sun and wakes to another "snowy day."
Pet Show! by:Ezra Jack Keats
Archie plans to take a stray cat to show in the neighborhood pet show, but cannot find it when the time comes to attend the event. In a very
ingenious way to have a pet to enter into the show, Archie shows up with a glass jar that contains his pet germ, "Al". The judges award him a blue ribbon for the quietest pet in the show!
Dreams by:Ezra Jack Keats
Roberto makes a paper mouse at school and brings it home to put on the windowsill in his room. Unable to sleep, Roberto sits by the window and accidentally uses the paper mouse to help out a cat cornered by a dog in the street below his window. When everyone else awakens the next morning, Roberto is now fast asleep and dreaming away.
Kitten for a Day by:Ezra Jack Keats
When a puppy decide to join a group of kittens and be a kitten, too, a series of amusing events occur.