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Story Time

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Clean My Room
Submitted by: David, LaPorte
• Pre-school
Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon! by:Pat Cummings
Harvey’s TV schedule is interrupted by his mom insisting that he clean his room. Then he finds out that stashing everything under the carpet was not exactly what she had in mind.
Big Brave Brian by:M. P. Robertson
This book gives a list of fantastic horrors that do not scare Big Brave Brian. It concludes with the one domestic horror that Brian is definitely afraid of… cleaning his room!
Max Cleans Up by:Rosemary Wells
Ruby helps Max to clean and organize his room, but Max secretly works against her efforts by pocketing certain treasures that Ruby considers trash.
I Meant to Clean My Room Today by:Miriam Nerlove
A young girl has every intention of cleaning her room. Unfortunately, she is distracted by a number of unusual visitors that happen to stop by.
The Big Tidy-Up by:Norah Smaridge
Jennifer’s mom posts a Keep Out sign on her daughter’s room because of the unsightly mess inside. Living in a state growing disorder forces Jennifer to choose between running away from home or cleaning her room. This story is written in a wonderful rhyme scheme.
Natural Disaster
There must have been a tornado spinning around.
(Spin in a circle like a tornado)

Or maybe an earthquake shook the ground.
(Pretend an earthquake is happening)

There might have been a hurricane with winds that boom.
(Cup hands and make a loud wind sound)

‘Cause something impressive messed up my room.
(Lift hands in the air in mock-surprise)
Rhinos Will Stomp
Rhinoceroses will stomp!
(Stomp your feet)

Crocodiles will cry!
(Pretend to cry)

Opossums will play dead and you’ll see why!
(Play dead)

Monkeys will laugh!
(Let out a monkey laugh)

Lions will roar!
(Roar like a lion)

So will mom when she sees my messy floor!
(Shake head in motherly disapproval)