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Story Time

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Submitted by: Christine Turner, Atascocita
• Pre-school
Without You by:Genevieve Cote
Two friends, a rabbit and a pig, have a quarrel until they discover that they have more fun together than alone.
Piggies in The Pumpkin Patch by:Mary Peterson
Pigs have a wonderful time playing in the pumpkin patch and other spots on the farm, encountering other animals along the way.
Little Pig Joins The Band by:David Hyde Costello
When Little Pig tries to join his Grandpa, brothers, and sisters in a marching band he discovers that, although he is too small for any of the available instruments, he can still play an important role.
Pig Kahuna by:Jennifer Sattler
Fergus is afraid to go in the water, but he and his baby brother Dink find a surfboard while collecting treasures along the seashore.
Pig Pig Returns by:David McPhail
Pig Pig is concerned about travelling across the country with his aunt and uncle, but is even more worried when he returns.
I Like You the Best by:Carol Thompson
Dolly the pig and Jack Rabbit are best friends, even after they have a fight.
Piggies in The Kitchen by:Michelle Meadows
Piggies make a surprise treat for their mama while she is out of the house
Story County : Here We Come by:Derek Anderson
Welcome to Story County! Farmer, Dog, Pig, Chicken, and Miss Cow are eager to make a farm. And it's no ordinary farm. They paint the barn a rainbow of colors, plant crops of jelly beans and candy corn, fashion the prettiest scarecrow, and more, until presto!-the farm is complete. Or is it?
Fair Cow by:Leslie Helakoski
Effie the cow dreams of winning a blue ribbon at the state fair, while her best friend Petunia the pig advises her to give up all that she truly enjoys in order to prepare for the big day.
What Do the Farm Animals Say
Tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb

Little pigs say oink, oink, oink,
Oink, oink, oink, oink, oink, oink,
Little pigs say oink, oink, oink,
Oink, oink all day long.

Repeat: Baby cows say moo, moo, moo
Horses gallop all around
Chickens scramble for food and dust
Lamb say baa and run around
Kittens meow and chase the mice
Doggies bark and chase the cows
Roosters crow and eat the corn
Goats all butt and maah, maah, maah

I had a little pig,
And I fed it in a trough,
He got so big and fat,
That his tail popped off.
So, I got me a hammer,
And I got me a nail,
And I made that pig,
A wooden tail.

"It's time for my piggies to go to bed,"
The nice big mother piggie said.
"Now I must count them up to see
If all my piggies came back to me.
One little piggy, two little piggies,
Three little piggies dear;
Four little piggies, five little piggies-
Yes they are all here.
They're the dearest little piggies alive-
One, two, three, four, five."

Pig Mask
How to Make CD Creatures