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Story Time

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Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Submitted by: Chris Shulik, Freeman
• Toddler
Mouse Paint by:Ellen Stoll Walsh
Three white mice discover jars of red, blue and yellow paint and explore the world.
5 Little Mice
“Five Little Mice” (play on your 5 fingers or use as a flannel board story)
5 little mice on the pantry floor,
This little mouse peeked behind the door,
This little mouse nibbled at the cake,
This little mouse not a sound did make.
This little mouse heard the kitten sneeze.
“Ah choo!” sneezed the kitten,
And “squeak” they all cried,
And they found a hole and ran inside.
Hickory Dickory Dock
Hickory dickory dock
The Mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one, the mouse ran down
Hickory dickory dock.

....the clock struck two, the Mouse said, "Boo!"....
....the clock struck three, the Mouse said, "Whee!"....
....the clock struck four, the Mouse said, "No more!"....
Paint Your Fingers
Paint your fingers.
Paint your toes.
Paint your elbows.
Paint your nose.
Paint your body all over the place.
Then paint a smile across your face!
Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat
Kitty cat, kitty cat, turn around.
Kitty cat, kitty cat, touch the ground.
Kitty cat, kitty cat, find your knees.
Kitty cat, kitty cat, pretend to sneeze!
Kitty cat, kitty cat, stand up tall.
Kitty cat, kitty cat, throw a ball.
Kitty cat, kitty cat, jump up high.
Kitty cat, kitty cat, wave goodbye.
Die cut 3 white mice and 1 gray cat. Cut 3 squares of construction paper, red, yellow and blue. Glue the pieces onto a sheet of paper entitled, "Mouse Paint" by Ellen Stoll Wash.
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