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Story Time

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Crazy Hair Day
Submitted by: Maryam, Cy-Fair
• Pre-school
Crazy Hair Day by:Barney Saltzburg
Stanley is excited about Crazy Hair Day at his school, until he discovers that he has gotten the date wrong.
Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair by:Lee Fox
A little girl refuses to brush her hair until it becomes so unruly that it takes over everything.
There Was a Little Girl, She Had a Little Curl by:Harriet Ziefert
Although Isabel is determined to be very good, her best intentions go awry when she spies a pair of scissors on her mother's dresser and gives herself a haircut.
Baghead by:Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Josh hides the bad haircut he gave himself by wearing a bag on his head, until his sister has a better idea.
Cowlick! by:Christin Ditchfield
An imaginative look at how a cow comes during the night to give each child's hair a cow kiss.
I Love My Hair! by:Natasha Anastasia Tarpley
A young African American girl describes the different, wonderful ways she can wear her hair.
Crazy Hair Day Song
Crazy Hair Day Song on the following website
For the crazy hair day craft you will need:
Paper plates
Yarn in black, brown, red, and yellow colors
Sticky foam adhesive stickers
Children will draw eyes (googly eyes or buttons will be fun too), nose and mouth on paper plates. Then they will use their imagination to create a crazy hair-do on paper plates using glue, yarn, ribbon, buttons and adhesive foam stickers. It will be a fun filled activity for them.