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Story Time

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Submitted by: Ann P, Tomball
• Pre-school
Pickles, Please! by:Andy Myer
"Alec Smart" thinks he's the only one who loves pickles until he gets a ride on a pickle delivery truck to a pickle factory and finds someone else who loves pickles as much as he does!
Mrs. Fickle's Pickles by:Lori Ries
Rhyming text with illustrations tells how Mrs. Fickle likes her pickles.
Pickles in my Soup by:Mary Pearson
A girl loves to eat pickles in all kinds of unusual combinations!
Picky Mrs. Pickle by:Christine M. Schneider
After years of wearing only green clothes and eating only pickle foods, picky Mrs. Pickle learns that trying something new can be fun.
Stop that Pickle! by:Peter Armour
A pickle tries to escape being eaten by fleeing through the city streets, pursued by a variety of other food items.
Elbow, Elbow
Elbow, elbow
Wrist, wrist
Fingers go like this, this (snap fingers)
Knees and toes
Hips and nose
and, that's the way it goes, goes (clap twice)
repeat faster and then super fast!
(touch each body part as you sing)
Clap Them!
Clap them, Clap them, Clap them
Clap them high, clap them low
Clap them left, clap them right
Clap them, clap them out of sight! (hands behind back)
other verses:
Roll them
Shake them
Pickle in a Jar
(pretend hand is a pickle for movement in the song)
Pickle in a jar, pickle in a jar
Wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble
Pickle in a jar!
on my foot
on my elbow
on my nose
in my belly
Clap, Stomp and Wiggle
(“this old man”)

I can move, you can too!
Just follow me and do what I do.
Raise your arms up high,
give a clap and put them down.
Turn around and touch the ground.
I can move, you can too!
Just follow me and do what I do.
Stomp left-right-left,
do it one more time.
Shout hooray you're doing fine.
I can move, you can too!
Just follow me and do what I do!Wiggle your hips and give a little shake.
Hear the noises that we make!
A-roosta-sha (

a-roost-a-sha, a-roost-a-sha,
a-roost-a-sha-sha (2x)

thumbs up! (kids repeat)
thumbs up, elbows back!
thumbs up, elbows back, knees bent!
thumbs up, elbows back, knees bent, bend over!
thumbs up, elbows back, knees bent, bend over, turn around!
Boom Bang!
Boom, bang, boom, bang!
(slide hands back and forth like cymbols) Rumpety, lumpety, bump! ("drum" thighs)
Zoom-zam, zoom-zam (clap hands)
Clippety, clappety, clump!(stomp feet)
*repeat faster and then super fast!
Make a pickle person! I printed a pickle template from the computer onto green construction paper (size is 1/2 a full sheet). Give the Children cut outs of arms and legs (again, computer generated), wiggle eyes and markers or crayons. For fun, I printed out pictures of different types of hats and they chose one for their pickle person! (size the hats to the pickle before printing)
There aren't many "pickle" themed fingerplays or songs, so I just chose some fun and silly songs and activities for the kids to do.
Of course, no pickle story time would be complete without eating pickles! I bought a jar of pickle chips and the children enjoyed a pickle snack while they completed their craft!