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Story Time

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Submitted by: Mandy Sheffield, LaPorte
• Toddler • Pre-school
Red Are the Apples by:Marc Harshman
A rhyming book exploring a garden in Fall pointing out different colors.
Oink! Moo! How do you do? by:Grace Maccarone
Farm animals rhyme and make sounds on their way to a fall feast.
Little leaves
(To the tune of "London Bridges Falling Down)
Little leaves are falling down,
falling down, falling down.
Little leaves are falling down,
falling down, falling to the ground.

Start out standing and wiggle your fingers from up to down as you say "falling down." Repeat for the second line then bring them all the way to the floor as the leaves fall to the ground.
Five Silly Turkeys
(Start holding up one hand and count down each finger.)

Five silly turkeys dancing on the floor. (Dance in place)
One twirls away, and then there were four.

Four silly turkeys being chased by a bee. (Run in place)
One gets stung, and then there were three.

Three silly turkeys enjoying the view.
One falls asleep, (Yawn) and then there were two.

Two silly turkeys getting some sun.
One gets burnt, (Ouch!) and then there was one.

One silly turkey looking for some fun.
(search around you)
(yell) Happy Thanksgiving! yelled everyone. (All 5 turkeys come back.)
Make a Turkey Snack Craft!

Supplies: Plastic food serving gloves (non latex), yellow pipe cleaners cut in half, red pipe cleaners cut in thirds, sticker eyes, and a variety of small, colorful snack foods. Some good choices are; rainbow, pretzel, & other colored goldfish, and mini marshmallows for the fingers.
Cereals like kix or cheerios will fill the larger hand portion.

1. Hand each child & adult a glove to open.
2. Give each a cup or bowl of the snacks to either separate by colors as they drop them into the fingers of the glove or just randomly fill. This will depend on the child's abilities and the parent. No worries they turn out cute either way!
3. When they have each finger & thumb full of colored snacks fill the rest of the "hand" with a solid color cereal. The most affordable & simplest way is to use plain cheerios (or something similar) and have an adult scoop them into the hand until it is level full.
4. Let the kids eat their leftover colored snacks out of the cup while the adult fills their hand.
5. Tie off the glove with the yellow half pipe cleaner. Bend each remaining end to make feet for your turkey.
6. Bend the 1/3 red pipe cleaner in half and twist half way up the thumb of the glove. Bend the ends to make your waddle (gobble).
7. Let the kids add sticker eyes to the thumb.
8. Once fastened securely you can hold your turkey upright and make him gobble!
9. Make sure you give the kids extra snack bites in their cup to ensure they have plenty to fill their glove fingers and to keep them occupied snacking!
If using a parachute you can place artificial leaves in the middle and make them fly into the air. You can simply toss them around or toss them up and then have the kids find them all and bring them back to you.