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Story Time

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Submitted by: Tina R, Parker Williams
• Pre-school
This Rocket by:Paul Collicutt
From fireworks to the space shuttle, this book looks at all kinds of rockets.
Rocket to the Moon by:Lerryn Korda
Donning homemade space helmets, four animal friends take a rocket trip to the moon.
Romeo and Lou Blast Off by:Derek Anderson
When best friends Romeo and Lou, a polar bear and a penguin, build a rocket ship out of snow, it suddenly ignites and launches them on an adventure through the starry night.
Oliver Who Would Not Sleep by:Mara Bergman
Oliver Donnington Rimington-Sneep avoids falling asleep by flying his rocket ship to Mars.
Space Rocket
Inside a rocketship, (start in a squatting position, arms overhead to form a rocket cone)
Just enough room,
Here comes the countdown,
And Zooooooooom! (Keeping arms overhead, all rise up to standing)

Bernice Wells Carson
Listen! and Help Tell the Story
I'm a Rocket
I am a rocket
crouched on the ground,
waiting quietly
without a sound.

Source Unknown
Light this fuse
on my little toe...
Ready for take-off?
Here I go:
Cut out a simple rocket shape and allow the children to decorate with crayons, sequins, etc. Glue crepe streamers to the engines (fire from the blast off).