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Story Time

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Submitted by: Libby Nelson, West University
• Pre-school
The great Kapok tree by:Lynne Cherry
There are many different types of animals who live in a Kapok tree.
We're roaming in the rainforest by:Laurie Krebs
Rhyming verse describes the activities of many Amazon animals.
Way up high in a tall green tree by:Jan Peck
A girl climbs a rainforest tree to say goodnight to all the creatures.
Curious George feeds the animals by:Margret Rey
George saves a parrot who escapes the zoo rainforest exhibit.
Parrot tico tango by:Anna Witte
A greedy parrot takes food from more and more animals.
Three talking toucans
Three talking toucans sitting in a tree
The first one turned & squawked at me !
Three little toucans sitting in a row
The second one said "I flap my wings, watch me go."
Three little toucans sitting side by side
The third one said "My bright beak, I open wide."
Five Speckled Frogs
Five little speckled frogs sitting on a speckled log [hold up 5 fingers]
Eating the most delicious bugs, yum, yum [rub tummy]
One jumped into the pool, where it was nice and cool
Now there are 4 speckled frogs.
[continue until there are no more]
Now there are no more speckled frogs.
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