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Story Time

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It Isn't Easy Being Green!
Submitted by: Ann P, Tomball
• Pre-school
Open Very Carefully by:Nicola O'Byrne
A crocodile falls into a quiet storybook and wreaks havoc on the characters, in a tale that invites youngsters to slam the book shut or find the courage to peak inside!
Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo by:E.S. Redmond
Why are the hyenas crying boo-hoo? And, what gave the rhino a sickly green hue? It starts when Felicity Floo wipes her red, runny nose and transfers the goo! A good cautionary tale about the virtues of clean hands and tissues!
Chamelia by:Ethan Long
Chamelia loves to stand out and often wears outrageous outfits, but eventually she learns to shine in other ways.
Crocodile Pie
Crocodile, crocodile, crocodile pie. If I don't get some,I think I'm gonna cry.
You can take away the grass and take away the sky.
But don't take away my crocodile pie!
5 Little Monkeys!
5 little monkeys swinging in a tree. Teasin' Mr. Crocodile,“can't catch me”, can’t catch me”!
Along comes Mr. Crocodile hungry as can be and...
And he SNAPS a monkey right out of the tree!
Count down, 4, 3, 2, 1
No more monkeys swinging in the tree!
There Was a Crocodile!
There was a crocodile. (chomping motion 3x with arms)
An orangutan. (monkey action)
An eagle flying (flap arms)
A slithery snake. (slithery snake motion with hands)
A bunny, (make rabbit ears)
A beaver, (make beaver teeth)
A crazy elephant! (swing one arm - elephant trunk)
Da-na-na-na-na, da-na-na-na-na! (shake hands up above head while move back and forth)

* repeat the song over and over, each time not saying the animal name, only doing the motion until you are only doing the animal movements all the way through!

My nose tingles and twitches and, this is how I sneeze!
ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choo!
dog, woof-choo
cow, moo-choo
pig, oink-choo
lion, roar-choo
duck, quack-choo

*repeat the song replacing "My" with each of the animals and how they would sneeze. I used a stuffed animal for each one.
Go Away Big Green Monster
I recreated this story as a feltboard and gave out the parts to the kids to make the green monster!
Make Green!
I showed the kids how to make the color green! This can be done 2 ways. 1. add yellow and blue paint to an empty water bottle and shake to make green. 2. put a blob of yellow paint and blob of blue paint on a plate/piece of cardstock and mix with a brush to make green.
paper plate turtle with green circle stickers on it's shell and green sequins. Craft image can be viewed at this link: