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Story Time

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Submitted by: Jan DeCoste, Barbara Bush
• Pre-school
Cori Plays Football by:Christine Florie
Cori wants to join the football team, and she scores a touchdown at tryouts.
Little Granny Quarterback by:Bill Martin, Jr.
Granny Whiteoak's football career won her trophies and plaques in her day, but years later she still remembers how she fumbled the ball and lost the big game. Can Granny make a comeback?
Louanne Pig in Making the Team by:Nancy Carlson
Though she plans to try out for cheerleading, Louanne Pig helps her friend Arnie try out for football, with surprising results.
Hooray for Fly Guy by:Tedd Arnold
Fly Guy joins Buzz's football team, despite Coach's misgivings, and hits the field for a special, secret play.
In Our Football Game
This is the way we pass the ball,
pass the ball, pass the ball.
This is the way we pass the ball,
in our football game.

Repeat with “catch the ball”, “run with the ball”,
and “kick the ball”.
Big Construction paper Football Player Buddies. Use 12 x 18 construction paper to create helmets, rectangular bodies, and arms and legs, in red, white, and blue. Have faces cut from multicultural colored construction paper. Have die-cut numbers and printed "Texan" logos available. The kids will stick their player together with glue stick, color in their faces, and accordian fold the arms and legs. Then, they have a 3 ft. tall football player buddy!
Activity #1 - Pass out crepe paper pom-poms and do the cheer spelling out "FOOTBALL". Put the letters on the magnet board as you do the cheer.

Activity #2 - Create your own rebus football story and make a poster and magnet picture words for it. Read it from the poster and have the kids tell you which pictures to fill in the blanks with.

Activity #3 - Do a hiking activity. Pass out something to be used for pretend footballs, football wrapped candy or little tan pom-poms, etc. The kids partner up with their grown-up. Tell them which number to listen for and when they hear that number, they hike the ball. Repeat several times.
Find a CD with football game sound effects and play it as they come in and while they are making their craft.