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Story Time

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Library Mouse
Submitted by: Veronica, Parker Williams
• Pre-school
Library Mouse by:Daniel Kirk
Sam, a shy but creative mouse who lives in a library, decides to write and illustrate his own stories which he places on the shelves with the other library books but when children find the tales, they all want to meet the author.
Library Mouse: A Freind's Tale by:Daniel Kirk
Sam, the shy mouse that lives in the library and likes to write books, collaborates with a boy in the library's Authors and Illustrators Club.
Library Mouse: A World to Explore by:Daniel Kirk
When Sarah, an explorer mouse, meets Sam she gives him the courage to finally climb to the highest library shelves--and beyond--and he shows her how to explore the world through reading.
I hole-punched the tail beforehand. I also provided different colors of yarn and ribbon for the tails so that the mouse could be used as a bookmark.
There are other titles in this series that can be used.