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Story Time

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Submitted by: Kim T, North Channel
• Pre-school • Schoolage
Little Britches and the Rattlers by:Eric Kimmel
On her way to the rodeo, Little Britches encounters some nasty snakes who demand her cowgirl duds. Will she give up and go home? Or will she win a blue ribbon and a prize?
Little Lost Cowboy by:Simon Puttock
Before finding his mother, Cowboy Coyote endures trials and tribulations as well in the desert. Read to find what happens to him and don't forget to make the "arooo!" sound!
Rodeo Time by:Stuart Murphy
It's rodeo time in Texas! Find out all the fun shows and activities Katie and Cameron experience there. This book is part of a math series and this one is on scheduling (discusses time of day)however, it still reads well and has great illustrations.
10 Little Cowboys
One little, two little, three little cowboys,
Four little, five little, six little cowboys,
Seven Little, eight little, nine little cowboys,
Ten cowboys sitting 'round the fire.
Make quilt blocks out of construction paper shapes such as diamonds, triangles, on squares of about 6" to 9". Finish it off by putting a die cut in the middle- cowboy themed like a cowboy, cowgirl, boot, sheriff's badge, bluebonnet or coyote.
Make a cowboy puppet with a die cut form or paper bag with die cut moustaches, hats, boots, sheriff's badge, and draw on a face.
I have a flannelboard to go along with the song Ten Little Cowboys. It's just a clip art cowboy enlarged and reproduced 10 times and a clip art picture of a campfire (glued to poster board and felt).