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Jack & Jill vs. the World
MPAA Rating: PG-13; sexual content and brief strong language.
Genre: Comedy

This was a very predictable movie for my taste. It is the typical chick flick where two opposites attract. It reminded me of Sweet November a bit. Something did not work for me with this movie, not sure if it was the plot, the script, the story or the acting.

Reviewed by Glenda M., from Octavia Fields on Tue. Jan 4, 2011

Merlin: The Complete First Season
MPAA Rating:
Genre: Television

This is a review of the BBC tv series Merlin, not the Sam Raimi miniseries.
If you liked the BBC's Doctor Who and Robin Hood, you'll probably love the BBC's new fantasy show Merlin. This light-hearted update of the Arthurian legend is a lot of fun - as long as you don't expect an authentic telling of the tales of Camelot! Unlike most of the retellings of King Arthur, this show has been re-invented for younger, hipper audiences featuring a pre-legend Prince Arthur and Merlin who happen to be the same age. Joined by Uther Pendragon, Morgana, and Guinevere (though not in the ways you'd expect), you'll get a very fun show full of humor, adventure, fantasy and magic. The show aired on NBC last summer and is now in its second season on the Syfy channel and I'm very glad to finally have the chance to watch its first season on DVD.

Reviewed by a customer, on Wed. Jun 16, 2010

Pineapple Express
MPAA Rating: Rated R for pervasive language, drug use, sexual references and violence.
Genre: Comedy

It is very funny--some parts are boring. The ending is hilarious.

Reviewed by Fabian, from Katherine Tyra on Tue. Sep 29, 2009

The Scarlet Pimpernel
MPAA Rating: NR
Genre: Action/Adventure

Persie is an experienced swordsman who, under the alias of "Scarlet Pimpernel" rescues innocent aristacrats from the gaitine. He can slip in and out right under the gaurd's noses, wihout even being detected. Then he meets...her!!! Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour perform briliantly in this action packed movie filled with suspence, romance, sword fights, and history. It is a must see!

Reviewed by Emily K., from Tomball on Tue. Feb 10, 2009

Nancy Drew
MPAA Rating: PG; for mild violence, thematic elements and brief language.
Genre: Mystery

She's a seventeen year old sleuth who can solve mysteries that stump the authorities. You've got to love her! She's the kindest girl in all of California when her father takes her for extended stay in an abandoned and supposedly haunted mansion. Mr. Drew doesn't know about the haunted part of course, but Nancy does and she is intrigued by the possibility of a murdered actress haunting the mansion. What she doesn't know is that she is stumbling on one of the most dangerous cases of her career!

Reviewed by Emily K., from Tomball on Tue. Feb 3, 2009

Around the World in Eighty Days
MPAA Rating: PG; for action violence, some crude humor, and mild language.
Genre: Family/Children's

This movie is hilarious!!!!! I had never heard of it before, but it is one of the funniest movies that i have ever seen. It has Steve Coogan (Night at the Museum) and Jackie Chang (The Forbidden Kingdom) and they perform wonderfully together! It also has a lot of stars throughout the movie at times when you would least expect them. It is a good movie for the entire family since there is a little bit for everybody.

Reviewed by Emily K., from Tomball on Tue. Feb 3, 2009

Reno! 911: The First Season
MPAA Rating:
Genre: Comedy

Absolutely hilarious and a good adult show to watch if you don't have the luxury of cable TV at home. It's about a group of officers in Reno Nevada who each have quirky character traits and do not take their jobs seriously.

Reviewed by Veronica, on Thu. Nov 6, 2008

McLeod's Daughters: The Complete First Season
MPAA Rating:
Genre: Drama

This isn't Australian TV at its finest - it's TV at its finest, period. McLeod's Daughters is one of the most beloved TV dramas from abroad and now in its 6th or 7th season in its native Australia, but the first few seasons are considered its best. Vibrant and sweet Tess hears that upon her father Jack McLeod's death, that she's inherited half of his ranch/farm and dreams of wealth. Little does she realize the ranch, run by her fiercely stubborn half sister Claire, is far from rolling in it. The two sisters must band together to save their father's legacy from going into the ground, with a little help from housekeeper Meg, her spoiled daughter Jody, and Becky, another local. And some occasional help from their very handsome neighborhood farmers, brothers Nick and Alex. The writing, directing, and acting are wonderful - in particular, Lisa Chappell's portrayal of tough-as-nails Claire. Unlike most American dramas, the show is never saccharine or cliched and every character has their chance to shine. Love this show! I hope HCPL gets all the following seasons.

Reviewed by a customer, from Freeman on Sun. Oct 12, 2008

Just Like Heaven
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some sexual content.
Genre: Comedy

Witherspoon and Ruffalo perform in a magical and mysteries flick about a young nurse whose sister is bent on getting her married. Then everything changes when a tragedy strikes while Witherspoon heads to her sisters' to meet yet another conquest.
This movie gave me the goose bumps it was so good!!!

Reviewed by Emmi K., from Tomball on Mon. Sep 22, 2008

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some fantasy violence and risque humor.
Genre: Fantasy

While trying to persuade a girl, Victoria (Sienna Miller)to marry him, Tristan (Charlie Cox) enters a fantasy world trying to catch a fallen star. But then he finds out his "star", is actually a young lady named Yvaine (Claire Danes). But she is in terrible danger when a evil, old witch Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) tries to steal Yvaine's heart. This movie is really awesome and I think everyone should see it!

Reviewed by Jessica , from Stratford on Tue. Aug 26, 2008

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