10...9...8 - the countdown to the end of the 2014 Summer Reading Program begins!

     The 2014 Summer Reading Program ends on Saturday, August 9.  We now have 10 days to get those reading logs done so that children can collect a certificate and a free book from our treasure chest.   As we start the 10 day countdown to finish up reading, there's still time for children to sign up and get in on the summer fun.  If they've been reading this summer or attending our toddler or preschool storytimes, they can count those reading experiences.  To complete the reading program, children need to read or have read to them 10 books or 500 pages or 500 minutes for longer books.  For questions, just stop by the Children's Department or call us at 281-488-1906.   Here is a link to the site on our website where children can sign up for summer reading:http://www.engagedpatrons.com/read/index.cfm?SiteID=7037&ReadID=312.