The 1970s: A Great Decade for Horror Lovers.

The 1970s might be my favorite decade of horror. Horror films in the 1970s were all about using your imagination against you. I remember how terrified I was when I first saw The Exorcist and all the games my mind played on me after. As a teen, I devoured the original novels that these movies were based on and was scared all over again! Every now and then I like to pick up a good old horror and enjoy the terror. 

Here are some of my favorite horror novels with a 1970s film release for your reading and viewing pleasure!

Stepford Wives by Ira Levin
Jaws by Peter Benchley
Salem's Lot by Stephen King
The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty
The Other by Thomas Tryon
The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson
Carrie by Stephen King