2012 Maverick Spotlight: Graphic Novels for Middle School and High School Readers

Thor vs. Superman by JD HancockThe Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List for 2012 has just been announced and there are some awesome reads included this year!  The Maverick List promotes recreational reading for teens and tweens in 6th through 12th grades.  Check out some of these great graphic novels for readers in 6th-12th grades or the entire 2012 Maverick List!

avengers 1 bookjacket

lewis & clark bookjacket

martian chronicles bookjacket

anya's ghost bookjacket

laddertop bookjacket






page by paige bookjacket

evolution bookjacket

return of the dapper men bookjacket

freshman bookjacket

yummy bookjacket






will super villains be on the final bookjacket

americus bookjacket

unsinkable walker bean bookjacket

21 bookjacket

drawing from memory bookjacket






earth one bookjacket

bad island bookjacket

i love him to pieces bookjacket

i am here bookjacket

last dragon bookjacket





Flickr CCThor vs. Superman (49/365) Photo by: JD Hancock