2012 National Book Critics Circle Awards Nominations

National Book Critics Circle Logo fromThe flood of awards--literary and cinematic--that come churning out of your preferred news delivery device this time of year is almost as overwhelming and/or annoying as all those "Best of" lists that precede it. Because there are just so many awards with maddeningly similar names--Quick! what's the difference between an Obie and a Tony?--it’s hard to choose which (if any) to pay attention to. Facing another round of glitzy award spectacles, many of us ask ourselves a very good question: “Why should I care what these people say I should read or watch or listen to?”

Which is sometimes followed by the even better question, "Does it really make sense to judge works of art on a best / worst scale?"

If you have an answer to the latter, I'd love to hear it. The answer to the former is volume. There is just too much stuff out there. Cultural product comes at us so relentlessly, we can’t possibly catch everything. We end up like Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory, stuffing our mouths and pockets full, and letting the rest fall on the floor. We inevitably miss a lot of the best stuff. The award nominations and "Best of" Lists stop that conveyor belt temporarily. They, in essence, tell us this, "If you want to continue to be considered culturally literate, this is the one book (movie, record, etc) you cannot miss." And that is not a meaningless contribution to the conversation.

Did I mention the National Book Critics Circle has announced its 2012 nominations honoring “the best literature published in English in six categories—autobiography, biography, criticism, fiction, nonfiction and poetry.” 

Who better to trust during awards season than the people who tell us what to think year around?

You can find most of NBCC's nominees on the shelves of your Harris County Public Library.

FictionCover Art: Stranger's Child by Alan Hollingshurst
Open City / Teju Cole
The Marriage Plot / Jeffrey Eugenides 
Stranger's Child / Alan Hollinghurst 
Binocular Vision / Edith Pearlman 
Stone Arabia / Dana Spiotta 

A World On Fire / Amanda Foreman 
The Information / James Gleick Cover Art: Pulphead by John Jeremiah Sullivan
To End All Wars / Adam Hochschild 
Liberty's Exiles / Maya Jasanoff 
Pulphead / John Jeremiah Sullivan

One Hundred Names for Love / Diane Ackerman 
Memory Palace / Mira Bartok 
It Calls You Back / Luis Rodriguez 
Harlem is Nowhere / Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts 
Unferth  Revolution / Deb OlinCover Art: Hemingway's Boat by Paul Hendrickson

Love and Capital / Mary Gabriel 
George F. Kennan / John Lewis Gaddis
Hemingway's Boat / Paul Hendrickson 
Malcolm X
/ Manning Marable
Deng Xiaoping / Ezra Vogel 


Is That A Fish In Your Ear / David Bellos Cover Art: Is That A Fish In Your Ear? by David Bellos
Otherwise Known As the Human Condition / Geoff Dyer
The Ecstasy of Influence / Jonathan Lethem 
Karaoke Culture / Dubravka Ugresic
Out of the Vinyl Deeps / Ellen Willis  


Core Samples / Forrest Gander
Kingdom Animalia / Aracelis Girmay
Space  In Chains / Laura Kasischke
The Chameleon Couch / Yusef Komunyakaa
Devotions / Bruce Smith 

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