2012 Summer Olympics

If you are like me,  you might find yourself staying up late to watch your favorite Summer Olympic events on TV. They have been so exciting to watch! Here are a few book so you can learn more about the Olympics and/or a specific event.  Let me know if I missed a sport that you enjoy. I would be happy to make additional suggestions.

The World's Greatest Olympians  Michael Hurley.

Take a closer look at  the performances and achievements of great Olympians throughout the history of the modern Olympics.

Great Olympic Moments  Michael Hurley. 

Looks at great Olympic moments through the history of the modern Olympics and reasons why these moments were so memorable and made such an impact.

 Events  Moira Butterfield.

Just in time for the 2012 Summer Games this series provides young sports fans with a fascinating guide to Olympic events.


 Gymnastics Clive Gifford

"An introduction to women's and men's gymnastics events held at the summer Olympics, including the floor exercise, vault, balance beam, parallel bars, and more. Also explains rules, records, and famous Olympic gymnasts"  Provided by publisher.

Track and Field  Clive Gifford. 

An introduction to track and field in the Olympics, featuring photographs and descriptions of specific events and information on rules and technique.

 Michael Phelps: Anything is Possible! Meish Goldish.

Biography of America's greatest competitive swimmer, Michael Phelps.


 Boxing Shane Frederick.

A survey of the highlights and legendary athletes--such as Cuban Teófilo Stevenson,of the Olympic sport of boxing, which officially became a part of the modern Summer Games in 1904.

Additional information on the games which are played during the Summer O.