2012 Tayshas Spotlight: Mystery & Suspense

Fluorescent Latent Print (US Currency) by Jack SpadesWhat is this Tayshas Reading List, you might ask?  The TAYSHAS Reading List promotes reading just for fun for teens in 9th – 12th grades. Check out some of these great mystery and suspense reads or the entire 2012 Reading List


compulsion bookjacket

flip bookjacket

chime bookjacket

white cat bookjacket

lie bookjacket






stolen bookjacket

revolution bookjacket

wildthorn bookjacket

the girl is murder bookjacket

blank confession bookjacket






name of the star bookjacket

shine bookjacket

trapped bookjacket

this dark endeavor bookjacket

across the universe bookjacket






divergent bookjacket

confessions of the sullivan sisters bookjacket

between bookjacket

space between trees bookjacket

blink & caution bookjacket





*These titles are also on the 2012 Lone Star List

Flickr CC: Fluorescent Latent Print (US Currency) Photo by: Jack Spades