2012 Tayshas Spotlight: Nonfiction and Historical Fiction

The Eiffel From Beneath by Stuck in CustomsIf you didn’t already know, the Tayshas List was released in November and there are some fantastic reads on this year’s list.  The TAYSHAS Reading List promotes recreational reading for teens in 9th – 12th grades. Check out some of these great nonfiction and historical fiction reads or the entire 2012 Reading List

i am nujood bookjacket

janis joplin bookjacket

bootleg bookjacket

annexed bookjacket






revolution bookjacket

wildthorn bookjacket

the girl is murder bookjacket

paper covers rock bookjacket






cate of the lost colony bookjacket

karma bookjacket

between shades of gray bookjacket

berlin boxing club bookjacket





*This book is also on the 2012 Texas Lone Star List for 6th-8th grade readers.

Flickr CCThe Eiffel From Beneath Photo by: Stuck in Customs