59 Years of Peanuts!

October 2nd, 1950 was an important day in American history. On this date, Charles Schulz published his first Peanuts comic strip. As most people are familiar, the comic strip continued to run until the death of Charles Schulz in February 2000. 

As a child, Peanuts always held a special place in my heart. Even though I am now grown-up with children of my own, I do not consider my Halloween complete unless I watch “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” or my Christmas complete without seeing “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. To me, these staples of my childhood are a treasure that I want to pass on to my children and to my children’s children. I am sure that there are many other people who feel the same way.
Nevertheless, even outside of those classic movies, I remember sitting down as a child and reading the small little paperback Charlie Brown comic books that my father collected. And, I still enjoy reading the reruns of old strips that come out each week in the Sunday newspaper.
Recently, I began reading the book “Peanuts, A Golden Celebration: The Art and the Story of the World’s Best-Loved Comic Strip”. The book is a great reading for a Peanuts fan such as me. In the book, Charles Schulz tells the intriguing story of his progression from a young artist taking a correspondence art class to one of the world’s most famous cartoonists. But, even better, his story is told in thin blocks of text running down the outside of pages filled with hundreds of classic Peanuts cartoon strips. The book is broken up into decades, starting with the 1950’s and going through to the 1990’s. Each chapter of the book is filled with great information about the author and the history of the peanuts characters, along with comic strips progressing through the decades, allowing fans can see how the comic strips changed through the years. Honestly, while I am enjoying reading about Charles Schulz and the development of his characters, I spend most of my time reading and laughing at the individual comic strips. 
So, as the 59th anniversary of the Peanuts comic strips approaches, I encourage all Peanuts fans to take the time to remember Charlie Brown and the gang. Grab the book, grab a comic collection, or just grab your Sunday paper and take the time to have a good laugh! I am sure Schulz would want no higher tribute than that.