6 Free eBooks with NOOK For Web

nook for web promo imageBarnes & Noble is introducing NOOK for Web and they are "giving away" 6 free eBooks until July 26, to promote the new service which allows you to read eBooks directly from their website.  No downloading required.  Follow the directions below to take advantage of the offer.  Only three days left!

If you already have a BN.com account:
1. Scroll about halfway down the page until you see 6 book covers in a row.
2. Click on a book cover. (You can view the sample)
3. Click on the silver button in the upper, right corner, labeled "NOOK Book $0.00."
4. Sign in to your account.
5. Click the orange "Confirm" button to purchase the book.  (It's free, there is no actual payment)
You can now read the book instantly on the web or it's also now available in your NOOK library.

If you don't have a BN.com account:
You can follow the directions above and create an account instead of signing in.  You will be required to enter a credit/debit card number for your account. Even though the books are free, BN still requires a credit/debit card associated with the account. When I contacted them about this, they explained, "A credit card is required for eBooks to protect the publisher's copyrights, even on many free titles. Publishers require Barnes & Noble to follow their policy for Digital Rights Management, or DRM, to keep customers who buy eBooks from making them freely available to others. A credit/debit card is used because it's a number only for you, the customer, would know. The credit card deters the unauthorized redistribution of publisher's copyrighted digital content."