6 Word Science Fiction Stories

HubbleAccording to legend, Ernest Hemingway was once asked to write a story in six words.  He came up with “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”.  Those 6 words sparked an interest in stories that have few words, but can challenge the imagination.



The same thing holds true for Science Fiction.  Popular SciFi site io9.com is asking readers to submit their own science fiction 6 word stories.  We would love to hear what our patrons can come up with.

So far at HCPL we’ve come up with a few fun ones.  


Hotdogs in, spaceship launch, hotdogs out

Write some SciFi, change the world

End of world, best surfing ever

T-rex baseball, tough with little arms

Asteroid approaching, so long east coast

Last year's SciFi, this year's truth


What 6 word stories can you create?  Share in the comments below.


Photo from Hubblesite.org - Hubble Telescope


The last star was painfully

The last star was painfully alone. "My name became a killing word" ~ Muad-Dib Horses everywhere are screaming. That's new.

Excellent!  Keep them coming!

Excellent!  Keep them coming!  

I'm particularly excited about the Dune story.


Aliens coming! No place to

Aliens coming! No place to hide.