8-Bit Beginnings

Pack your bags, you're going on a video game nostalgia trip. Read, watch, and listen to these titles to remember the joys of your youth. If you're too young to remember the golden age of video games, it's time for an education. Learn all you need to know about the dawn of video games with these titles:

All Your Base Are Belong to Us: How Fifty Years of Videogames Conquered Pop Culture by Harold Goldberg
An Illustrated History of 151 Video Games: A Detailed Guide to the Most Important Games by Simon Parkin
Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation by Blake Harris
Virtual Ascendance: Video Games and the Remaking of Reality by Devin Griffiths

Video Games Live - Volume 1 Music CD
Video Games Live - Level 2 DVD

You don't even need an Atari or Sega these days to play the classics. You can play them for free on your computer at the Internet Archives Console Living Room page. Happy gaming!