AARP Tax Aide Begins Saturday, February 2nd

AARP Tax Aide begins this Saturday. Every year, trained volunteers from the Association of Retired Persons offer help in completing simple tax returns for elderly and low income earners. The help is offered three times a week in Room L-129 on a first-come, first-served basis until the middle of April.

Mondays from noon to 4 pm

Wednesdays 10 to 2 pm

Saturdays 11 to 3 pm

Please bring with you the following documents as they apply to your situation:

1. Valid identification with current address for yourself and your dependents.

2. Social Security cards for yourself and your dependents.

3. Your wage, salary, and income statements (W-2 and/or 1099).

4. Last year's income tax return statement.

5. If you are a homeowner, the amount of property tax you paid in 2012.

6. If you bought a new vehicle in 2012, the amount of sales tax you paid.

7. Documentation for deductible expenses (mortgage, real estate taxes paid, medical expenses, charitable contributions, mileage for volunteer work)

8. Documentation for items that qualify for tax credit (child care, post secondary education, home purchase contract & closing statement for homes purchased in the past year.