Above the Law

Tim Green brings his readers a twisting legal thriller titled Above The Law.  If you are looking for suspense, thrills, and action then you should give this book a try.

So what is the story? On a ranch outside of Dallas, a young Mexican immigrant named Elijandro is shot to death by Senator Chase. The Senator claims it was a hunting accident. Casey Jordan is a lawyer working at a free legal clinic in Texas that serves Mexican immigrants.  Elijandro’s sister-in-law contacts Casey to let her know that Elijandro’s wife was deported and she suspects that Elijandro might have been murdered. Casey becomes involved in the case and discovers a complicated story of greed, corruption, and dirty politics.

Green exhibits his talents as an imaginative writer. The story is predictable, but is still very enjoyable. I think the book works because of the way Tim Green tells the story and introduces his characters. The story is fast paced and all the characters are well sketched. If you enjoy a fast moving plot with plenty of action, then you should definitely make time to read this!