Admitting to "Bad" Taste

I have a love/hate relationship with “Best” and “Worst” lists. This past week, while looking at the Worst Films of the 20th Century, I felt like the list was categorically telling me I had “bad” taste. Is it really that “bad” to have at one point enjoyed Ace Ventura or Caddyshack IIDrop Dead Fred and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre are classics (of a sort)! And I will defend the awesomeness of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me until my dying days (okay, yes, you should most definitely watch the TV show before the movie...and the TV show is definitely better...well, at least until you learn who killed Laura Palmer...and then it kind of trails off...but the ending is very surprising...). I’d be the first to admit that none of these movies are particularly life-affirming, changing or altering, but they have their appropriate time and place.  Don't they?

Do you have “bad” taste?
Flickr CC: Twin Peaks, Plate 2 Photo by: Thomas Hawk