Adult Books for Teen Readers

book stack by ginnerobotIt has been a few months since I’ve featured adult books that might be of interest to teen readers who are either looking to dip a toe into the adult collections or who have been reading adult fiction or non-fiction for quite some time.  Some of these will be more appropriate for mature teen readers and some will be enjoyable for readers of many ages.  What do you recommend?

Adult Books for Teen Readers

birds of paradise bookjacket

night strangers bookjacket

among the wonderful bookjacket

ready player one bookjacket

the infernals bookjacket






south with the sun bookjacket

  • the maid bookjacketthe magic of reality bookjacketbecoming marie antoinette bookjacketthe magician king bookjacket



art of fielding bookjacket

missing bookjacket

dovekeepers bookjacket

when she woke bookjacket

the arrogant years bookjacket






most dangerous thing bookjacket

revisionist bookjacket

rin tin tin bookjacket

if jack's in love bookjacket

zone one bookjacket





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Whenever I see The Maid by

Whenever I see The Maid by Kimberly Cutter, I wonder when I found the time to write and publish a book. And then I realize that isn't quite my name and I'm not actually famous. Alas...

Great list!

You know, Kimberly, I thought

You know, Kimberly, I thought the exact same thing!  I even mistyped her name on more than one occasion due to the similarity of your names.

Thanks for reading! smiley