Adult Books for Teen Readers

Book Worm Bot by Jenn and Tony BotHave you registered for the Summer Reading Program?  If not, register today!  With the Summer Reading Program well underway, more and more readers are coming to the library or searching the digital media catalog on the hunt for their next great read.  Some teens start reading “adult” books and pretty much stick to them (I was one of those) and others have a foot firmly planted in both the teen and adult collections.  This week I thought I’d recommend some titles published for adult audiences, but which may appeal to some teen readers.   What do you suggest?

Adult Books for Teen Readers

in the water they can't see you cry bookjacket

a dog's journey bookjacket

trinity bookjacket

canada bookjacket

billy lynn's long halftime walk bookjacket





soldier dogs bookjacket

the reckoning bookjacket

steal like an artist bookjacket

in the bag bookjacket

i am forbidden bookjacket





joe golem and the drowning city bookjacket

the year of the gadfly bookjacket

so far away bookjacket

the coldest night bookjacket

an uncommon education bookjacket





august and then some bookjacket

the cove bookjacket

little night bookjacket

amped bookjacket

what dies in summer bookjacket





Flickr CCBook Worm Bot  Photo by: Jenn and Tony Bot