Adults - Friday, 5/4 @ 10:30 AM - TGIF Programs - Demo Series - "The Turkish Art of Ebru"

As part of the TGIF Programs Demo Series and in celebration of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library proudly welcomes back local artist, Shaheen J. Rahman, on Friday, May 4 at 10:30 AM.

Shaheen enjoys the water-based medium known as “Ebru”, the ancient Turkish art of paper-marbling. This fascinating technique involves painting on the surface of water using a stylus, as well as combs and rakes. Exquisite patterns can be made with these tools which can include stylized flora and fauna. The painting is then transferred onto paper. Shaheen also likes to incorporate Arabic calligraphy into her Ebru for a wider variety of expression through this medium.

Her Ebru art work has been on display at various venues around Houston including Cloisters Gallery, Houston City Hall, Harambee Art Gallery, Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Harris County Public Library Branches including Kingwood, Freeman, Barbara Bush, and Octavia Fields, and Watercolor Society of Houston. She likes to share her love for the art of Ebru and has conducted Ebru demonstrations at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Asia Society, Pearl Fincher Museum, Watercolor Society of Houston, Islamic Art Society of Houston’s Annual Art Festivals, Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library, Boeing, Orrick Law Firm and the Raindrop House Turkish Cultural Center in Houston.

This free event requires no registration. Please contact the Clear Lake City - County Freeman Branch Library by visiting 16616 Diana Lane, Houston, TX 77062 or calling 832-927-5420 for further information. This and other events supported by the Friends of Freeman Library