Adventure to and Fantastic (and Colorful) New Worlds!

Adventure to New Worlds
You have nothing to lose but your boredom. 

Adventures in Oz      Adventures in Oz / by Eric Shanower ; founded on and continuing the famous Oz stories of L. Frank Baum.
Very much in the spirit and style of the original series of Oz books, the author and artist presents Dorothy, Ozma, the Wizard, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and other of Baum’s characters in new adventures and encountering new wonders, new villains and making new friends.

                    ElseWhere Chronicles / art, Bannister ; story, Nykko ; colors, Jaffré ; [translation by Carol Klio Burrell]

 Shadow Door     1. The Shadow Door
What’s so scary about Old Man Gabe’s house? Maybe it’s the shadows or all the strange stuff in it: so many old books, the huge movie projector, his journal filled with scary stories, or all the unusual toys? Maybe it’s because Noah, Theo, Max, and Rebecca visit it for the first time right after his burial? Maybe it’s because the stray dog barks and cowers before its gate, or is it the strange voice that shouts out, “DANGER! LIGHT! TURN ON THE LIGHT, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!”

Shadow Spies      2. The Shadow Spies
Theo and Noah turn on the projector, and Noah goes through to the other world to rescue Max and Rebecca. Back on Earth Theo trips and stumbles after Noah. Now all four friends are stranded in the other world. Fortunately they meet an inhabitant that can speak their language, and with a guide they set out to find Max and Rebecca and, hopefully, a way home. But they are pursued and attacked by the flying, snakelike Shadow Spies.

Master of Shadows      3. The Master of Shadows

Still pursued by the deadly Shadow Spies and the dark and mysterious Master of Shadows, the four friends outwit a monster and discover a secret cave containing a projector, but Max does not want to return home.

Flight Explorer Volume One  Flight: Explorer. Volume One
Missile Mouse and Fish battle deadly perils in outer space. Zita the Space Girl discovers the perils of getting what you want. Copper’s dog has a bad day falling through a mushroom forest. A cat in ancient Egypt outsmarts the undertakers. A quiet monster enjoys his first snowfall with a friend, while another gets too affectionate. A young woman and her cat wear the proper attire for the rain. Big Mouth enjoys an Italian ice, and a Tarzan-like character delivers the croissants.

Rapunzel's Revenge      Rapunzel's Revenge / Shannon Hale and Dean Hale; illustrated by Nathan Hale.
This delightful adventure yarn (or should I call it a braid?) starts off with a colorful Wild West retelling of a Grimm’s fairy tale. Rapunzel upon discovering that the witch Gothel is not her real mother has a fit of rebellion that lands her in an arboreal prison. In this version Gothel, who has great power over plant life, imprisons Rapunzel high atop a tree not a tower. There the resourceful heroine grows out and braids her long hair into a lasso and rescues herself from the heights. She then proceeds to town and rescues a rogue named Jack and his pet goose in a bar fight. Together they plot the downfall of Gothel and the liberation of Rapunzel’s real mother and all of Gothel’s other serfs.