African American Authors for Teens

Virginia Civil Rights MemorialFebruary marks the celebration of African American History Month, a time when we celebrate and remember the contributions of African Americans to our American history and culture.  I’ve put together a list of several African American authors who write fiction and non-fiction for teen readers and a few of their works.  How will you celebrate?

Fiction: A Few of Mer’s Favorites

kendra bookjacketjust another hero bookjacketyou don't even know me bookjacketbronx masquerade bookjacketmy life as a rhombus bookjacket






guardian bookjackethot girl bookjacketshooting starlockdown bookjacketafter tupac & d foster bookjacket






Non-Fiction: A Few of Mer’s Favorites

at her majesty's request bookjacketthe greatest bookjacketmalcolm x bookjacket12 rounds to glory bookjacketmy name is jason. mine too. bookjacket





Flickr CC: Virginia Civil Rights Memorial Photo by: john.murden