Aldine Dresses Up

To celebrate the costume wearing season the Aldine Branch staff dressed up as some crazy characters! David, one of the circulation assistants, came as a Houston Public Library employee even though we are the Harris County Public Library. That David is one crazy guy.

David at a Desk

Other staff members joined in the fun too. Here’s David posing with Mark, our assistant branch manager, as The Invisible Man.

David Pointing

The children’s assistant, June, came as Harvey, the six-foot, three-and-one-half-inch tall invisible rabbit from Harvey. Silly David, you can’t do bunny ears to a giant rabbit… not that low.

David with Bunny Ears

Is that our ILL assistant, Amber, standing back to back with David or is it a ghost?!

David with Arms Crossed

Anyway, fun was had by all and we hope that you guys have a safe weekend. Make sure to come by and tell us what you thought of our costumes.