Aldine Teens Show Library Love in National Video Contest

Teens After Hearing About Thier 2nd Place Finish!The teens at the Aldine Branch have been very busy making videos. They even submitted an entry into the American Library Association's Why I Need My Library video contest. Over 150 groups took on the challenge of creating an original 1-3 minute video demonstrating why libraries are needed more than ever. Out of all of the groups the teens from Aldine took second place! Second place in a contest this big is very impressive. Great job guys!


I am so proud of our

I am so proud of our teenagers and their winning video! And I am grateful to Ryan and the rest of the staff for their work with teens here at Aldine!

Clara Maynard


Excellent - you should all be

Excellent - you should all be very proud of yourselves! And kudos to ALD for providing the opportunity.

Way to go!! Thanks for

Way to go!! Thanks for representing HCPL and doing such a fantastic job! I'll be watching for another winner from y'all. ;)