All-Time Classic Comics: Calvin and Hobbes

Just recently Bill Watterson, creator Calvin and Hobbes, was interviewed for the first time in 15 years. This reminded me of how the beloved series served as comical and refreshing bibliotherapy when I was frustrated with pre-tween woes. I have my brother to thank for my first exposure to comics with a copy of Calvin and Hobbes. You can read the Bill Watterson interview here.

Many may have come across Calvin and Hobbes through the Sunday newspaper comics that features Calvin, a young and rambunctious only-child, and his best friend, Hobbes, that appears as a stuffed tiger to everyone except Calvin. As a duo, the two get into trouble, philosophize, and offer anecdotes to lovers of comics. 

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Calvin and Hobbes, 1987 Calvin and Hobbes, Sunday Pages Revenge of the Baby-Sat Yukon Ho!

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