All-Time Classic Comics: Garfield

In 2008, the worldly popular comic series by Jim Davis, Garfield, celebrated its 30th anniversary. Although you might not have read the series, you most likely are familiar with the mischeivous and lazy orange feline.

Here is a timeline of major events for the beloved series (more facts can be seen here): 

1978- Garfield first debuts in 41 newspapers

1980- The first book, Garfield at Large,  is published and is on the New York Times' bestseller list.

1982- Here Comes Garfield airs on television

1988- Garfield & Friends airs on Saturday morning cartoons

1996- Garfield's own website debuts

2002- Garfield is considered the "Most Widely Syndicated Comic Strip in the World" by Guiness Book of World Records

2008- Garfield Minus Garfield is released which is also a webcomic by Dan Walsh and reveals the "existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle."

If you are in need of a humorous pick-me-up, here are a few titles from the series (click on the image):

Garfield at Large Season's Eatings Garfield's Guide to Everything 30 Years of Laughs & Lasagna Survival of the Fattest Garfield Minus Garfield

Click here for all of our Garfield books.

Have you read any Garfield comics? If so, what is your favorite?