Always Here to Save the Day!

 (c) 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!  Don't forget that the Maud Marks Library is closed tomorrow through Sunday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Quick quiz: what do you do in the morning when you have 30 people coming for dinner and are missing that all important pumpkin pie recipe?  Never fear, the library is here to rescue you!  Just because our physical building is locked, doesn't mean we're really closed.  Did you know we have plenty of downloadable cookbooks through our Digital Media Catalog?  Check one out and download it straight to your computer or mobile device.  This way you can have your favorite recipe right their at your fingertips, literally.  And, do you want to know what the best part is?  In two weeks the book will return itself.  That means no more late fees.  So don't fret!  We'll always be there to fulfill your informational need, no matter what!